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Women’s Health & Fitness Day Event

Are you ready to have a funky good time? If so, you don't want to miss this AWESOME event.
***Join us on September 17, from 10am-3pm in Charlotte at the University Fitness Connection.
***Price: $15, $20 (with up to 3 children)
***Childcare provided
***A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army Center of Hope

Free 30 Minute Health & Fitness Consultation

***Are you tired of the ups and downs of your weight loss journey?
***Are you not as motivated as you once were and are on the verge of giving up?
***Have you fallen off your journey and can't seem to get started again?
***Do you want to start living a healthier lifestyle but don't know where to start?

Call 980-819-1656 or click Contact Us at the top of the page to set up your free consultation.

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The Struggle is Real Webinar

Information coming soon.

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Thank You Jesus! What a night of Muay Thai & boy missing days of Muay Thai & not exercising took its toll on me. I felt that I was run over by a Bus, Train, Car, heck a M1-A1 Tank. After Stretching, 1 round of jump rope, & 1 round of shadow boxing, the 1st drill of the night was, Teep, Jump Teep, or Hop Kick. 2nd drill was inside leg kick, followed by a Hop & Kick (you 1st inside leg kick, plant foot down and hop up to a kick (making sure to twist your hip over)last was 3 rounds of sparring which consisted of boxing for 1 minutes of boxing, 1 minute of clinch & knee, & 1 minute of Muay Thai. Then we switched partners. Last was conditioning 40 8-count body builders (that when the Bus, Train, Car, & the M1-A1 Tank came in). Then I was called into action to assist in the beginning class, which had 4 stations, 1st station, heavy bags, boxing & Muay Thai. 2nd station in the ring was skip knees, 3rd station was free pads, & the 4th was a combo drill, jab, body punch, upper-cut, and kick. ... See MoreSee Less

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in the #mood for something #sweet again and i made #healthychoice #oatmeal #cranberry #nut #cookies too #happy with my #spooning so 1 batch is larger than the other (ran out of room really lol)
1 C #cake #flour
1 C of #brownsugar
1 C of #coconutoil
1/4 tsp of baking powder soda and salt
2 C of oatmeal and cranberries
1/2 C of roasted sunflower seeds
2Tb of flaxseed and flaxseed meal even @lastofnine liked them until i said they were made without #butter #nomnom #foodporn
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Accountability time. What have you eaten today? I'm on a cleanse this week and I have eaten all this today. It's 94 degrees and I have no power in my house. The power went out around 7:20pm. Smh.
Fruit smoothie: peaches, banana, spinach and pineapple.
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