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Good morning. Another great workout is now completed. Day 5 of Week 2 of the Tiffany Rothe Bikini challenge is done. These 2 30 day challenge are close to being finished and this is when I have to dig deep to finish strong. But I'm not going to give up, I'll find a way to get them both done. What's your workout today? Today I did (the two challenges took me around 22 minutes total)
Challenge 1:
47 push-ups
105 dips
135 bicep curls
115 sec punches

Challenge 2 (I decided to do in reverse, mistake, lol):
110 sec plank
62 leg raises
180 crunches
115 sit ups

Tiffany Rothe Workouts:
Legs, abs, shoulders and back
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1 hour ago  ·  

This spoke to me in such a way that it #confirms more and more how far i have come, what my husband @lastofnine says and #understanding the #Bible #quicktolistenslowtospeakslowtowrath....i am a #witness that if you allow people to speak and listen... you really don't have to say a word...#growth is #beautiful #toknowmeistoloveme #tolovemeistoknowme thanks @c_dub_73 for today's #ab and #pullup session it was epic #gettingstronger #moredeterminedthanever #takingnoforananswer #iamanovercomer #achievetobelieve #giftedchampion #sitwatchlisten ... See MoreSee Less

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5.26.16 Sweatfest check in ...... Immediately after work I changed into my Trousers at work and put on the rest of my Uniform Gi at the Dojo. ...I knocked out my Daily set and asked Black Belt Sensei Woody to attack me on all of my Self Defense Techniques including Weapons after each set I asked him was he satisfied with my Techniques. ..he said yes, and we moved on to my Kata forms I worked Kankudai,Empi,Tekki Nidan and Sandan and Bassai Dai. ....I want to Thank my Teacher Sensei Penn, Sensei Woody for working with me,and Sensei Jordan for a fun and Productive night of Training at Sweatfest energy on the floor was great tonight ....#igotnext #itsmyturn #themakingsofablackbelt #Blackbeltbound #sweatfestisreal #sweatfestgoonsquad #myfireisgreater ... See MoreSee Less

16 hours ago  ·  

Accountability time. What have you eaten today? Today I ate way to much at lunch and was full fir the rest of the night. In my way home from work I wanted something sweet, so instead of eating ice cream or candy I made banana/pineapple ice cream. Frozen bananas and pineapple only.
Breakfast: Ezekiel bread with goat cheese
Snack: Cashews
Lunch: Salad with chicken in it )ate WAY to much)
Snack: Full from lunch
Dinner: Banana/pineapple ice cream. This was soooo good.
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19 hours ago  ·